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2016 Fall Bazaar Report by Martha Gregory

Thanks to everyone who helped with our 2016 Fall Bazaar. This annual event has been held on the third Saturday in October for many years. It is a one-day affair, but many days of planning, crafting, bean/berry/ grape picking, canning, baking, knitting, quilting, jelly making, sewing,

woodworking, picture-taking, setting up and taking down happen as we prepare for and recover from each year’s Fall Bazaar.

The Country Store is a main attraction on Saturday with many repeat customers anxious for our canned goods, homemade jellies and hard candies, as well as lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. This year the green beans were gone long before the shoppers, but there are some well-fed deer who enjoyed Mrs. Ronk’s sec- ond planting of 2016. Hopefully, our pickers will get to the field before the deer do next year.

The Bake Shop was overflowing with goodies. Everything looked wonderful, and I can assure you many of those items tasted as good as they looked.

The Craft Shop, with help from talented members and their families, was well-stocked, and many items found happy buyers. All of the donations were dis- played with such creativity and care; visitors and vol- unteers alike truly enjoyed browsing and taking home the crafts. Flower arrangements and wreaths, pottery and jewelry, knit socks and scarves, tree ornaments, photographs, bowl cozies, quilts, and cutting boards were some of the donated crafts. SERRV crafts had their own special display.

The Kitchen Café beckoned shoppers and volun- teers alike to have a seat and visit while they enjoyed yummy country ham and sausage biscuits, as well as hot dogs for lunch.

Bazaar Saturday is a great day of fun and fellow- ship for volunteers and shoppers, many of whom visit with us each year. Our only bills this year will be for the Kitchen Café food. Everything else was donated. Including the Kitchen Café proceeds, we have collect- ed $4,343.55.

The Bazaar is stewardship at its best as we share our time, talents, and money in community to support the Good Samaritan Fund that ministers to those needing help with utility and rent payments, medical needs, and groceries. Donations to the larger com- munity are coordinated through Roanoke City Central Intake.

Thanks once again to all who answered the call to help, both early and often, and at the last minute when need arose. Your bizarre bazaar chairman, along with many others, appreciate your willingness to serve.