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Raising Kids in a Complex World

Raising Kids in a Complex World

Each week, I (Pastor Tim) pray with a group of pastors from Christ our Redeemer Community Church, (downtown Roanoke), Restoration Church (Salem YMCA) and Crossings Christian Church (downtown Roanoke). In some of our recent conversations, we each shared a concern about how challenging it is to raise children in this generation.

Out of that conversation, a seminar was born. Raising Kids in a Complex World will occur on Thursday, October 12 from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. in the Fitzpatrick Ballroom of the Jefferson Center. Keith McCurdy from Total Life Counseling will be our leader for this event. I’ve known Keith for a number of years, through some time spent together in Cub Scouts. I have also worked with Keith on parenting seminars before and found him to be an excellent leader for topics like this.

Keith will share with us on the following topics:

1. Where are we in raising kids? Keith will recap the psychological models of the last century that brought us to where we are today. Behavioralism (B. F. Skinner) for instance, focuses on outcomes and leads (predictably) to over-controlling parents today. “The parents’ role is to train, not control”.

2. Next, “How Is this working out for us?” – exploring the dominance of emotions today instead of disciplines and the rise of therapists to tell us how to ‘fix’ our children.

3. How do we raise sturdy kids today? How do we raise children who aren’t so fragile in our complex world? The Bible continually teaches that struggle is the engine for growth and that hardships produce maturity and yet so often, parents’ try to shield children from struggle and “doing hard things’. What’s to be done?!

I have found Keith to have a wise voice who tells it straight from years of experience, with great stories, lots of humor, and without being preachy. I hope you’ll put this on your calendar and join us on October 12.