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Sermon Series

The “Bad Manners” Parables of Jesus

One of Jesus’ favorite teaching techniques was to offer parables.  These stories and illustrations were designed to turn our expectations of life, of God, and of commitment upside down.  If you look carefully at how people responded to Jesus’ parables, you’ll notice that the parables tended to anger those in power, while those who were the ‘last, lost, little, and least’ found great comfort.

During Lent, the sermons will take a look at six of Jesus’ parables: the Good Samaritan, the Friend in Need, the Great Banquet, the Shrewd Manager, the Unjust Judge, and the Pharisee and the Tax Collector.  I’ve named this series The Bad Manners Parables of Jesus because in each of them, someone acts with one kind of “bad manners” or another.  Jesus uses the so-called bad behavior to talk about grace, salvation, and life in the Kingdom of God.


March 5The good Samaritan, Luke 10:25-37

March 12The friend in need, Luke 11:5-8

March 19:  The great banquet, Luke 14:15-24

March 26:  The shrewd manager, Luke 16:1-8

April 2The unjust judge, Luke 18:2-8

April 9The Pharisee and tax collector, Luke 18:10-14